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Tera Grand Premium High Speed HDMI Retractable Cable, 4.25 feet - Supports 4K UHD Ultra HD Ethernet 1.4 Blu ray Playstation Xbox

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High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet is designed for home theater enthusiasts looking to maximize viewing experience by delivering high definition, uncompressed digital video and audio all on one single cable to your LCD, LED, or Plasma television. Our premium grade HDMI retractable cable is HDMI certified to unleash the full capability of your Blu-ray or HDMI enabled device (PS3, Xbox 360, Roku, HTPC).

High Speed HDMI cables will fully handle 1080p video content and other technologies, such as 4K x 2K (resolutions higher than 1080p), 3D (HDTVs with 3D), and Deep Color. This High Speed HDMI retractable cable includes the Ethernet channel, which integrates networking capabilities to the HDMI cable at speeds of up to 100 Mb/sec.

  • 4' Retractable Cable
  • High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet and 3D support
  • HDMI ATC Certified. ATC Certificate # 48370
  • Full 1080p support for Blu-ray and other HDMI enabled devices (PS3, Xbox 360, Roku, HTPC)
  • HDMI specification revision 1.4 / 1.3 compliant - Supports Dual Direction 1080p
  • Compact Size - 5.5 x 2.25 x 0.75 inches