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iPhone SE - 5 - 5S Sound Enhancer & Multifunctional Case, Black

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Physical sound-enhancing: The sound-enhancing orifice inside this product enables an iPhone's volume to be amplified by 12 dB without any energy, thus bringing you better sound experience.

Earphone cord storage: The unique turndown structure of storage makes convenient storage space available for your earphone cord and dataline.

Desktop holder: The turndown physical supporting structure provides transverse and upright supporting modes for your iPhone, and brings you a better user experience.

Dust-proof socket: The dust-proof plugs of the data line and headphone sockets prevent tiny particulate build up, and give all around protection for your iPhone.

Flashlight anti-glare: The anti-glare design keeps image quality perfect while using flashlight.

Lightweight design: Professional lightweight groove design could lessen product weight effectively as well as keeping support strength.

Comfortable hand feel: The raised multifunctional turnover structure makes for a comfortable grip which conforms with ergonomics in your daily life.

Hanging function: The raised multifunctional turnover structure enables an iPhone to hang at the edge of your pocket for an easy take and fetch.