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Ultra HD HDMI Extender over Cat6 Cable with Built-in IR, 4K@60Hz at 99 feet or 4K@30Hz at 196 feet

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HDMI Extender over Cat6 Cable with Built-in IR (Up to 99ft at 4K / 60Hz, 196ft at 4K / 30Hz)

When trying to extend a HDMI connection, using longer HDMI cables may not be an option, nor may it be easy to run the cable in the walls of your residential or commercial building when compared to Ethernet cables. The HDMI extender over Cat6 cable provides an efficient and simple method to extend the HDMI connection using Ethernet cables. With support for resolutions up to 4K / 60Hz at 99 feet or 4K / 30Hz at 196 feet, expanding the HDMI signal couldn't be easier, while supporting Ultra HD resolutions for an optimal viewing experience.

How it Works

The HDMI extender comes with a sender and receiver. The sender will plug into a HDMI source, such as a Blu-ray or DVR player. On the other end of the sender is a Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet port. A Cat6 cable is plugged into the RJ45 Ethernet port and then plugged into the other end on the receiver side. On the receiver side, another HDMI cable would then plug into a display for output. IR cables are also included for using a remote control.

4K / 60Hz Ultra HD Support

The HDMI extender supports resolutions up to 4K / 60Hz at 99 feet (4K / 30Hz at 196 feet), delivering stunning picture quality at a longer distance. For those limited by 1080p over longer distances, this solves the issue.

IR Support

What's the point in extending a HDMI signal if you can't control the source device remotely. The extender includes IR support, allowing IR cables to be plugged in on the sender and receiver side. This provides remote control functionality on the display side.

Metal Enclosure

Constructed with a metal enclosure, the HDMI extender provides a solid and sturdy build that can be used in a variety of applications.


  • Extends a HDMI connection when standard HDMI cable lengths will not work
  • Use with Cat6 or higher Ethernet cables (Accepts 24AWG wire)
  • Supports resolutions up 4K / 60Hz at 99 feet or 4K / 30Hz at 196 feet
  • HDCP 2.2 compatible
  • IR support
  • Metal enclosure for durability