Premium HDMI Certified Cable - Supports HDMI 2.0 4K HDR UltraHD, 18 Gbps, 4K 60Hz, 15 Feet

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Tera Grand Premium Certified High Speed HDMI Cables Support new HDMI 2.0b features such as 3D, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Dolby Vision HDR, Audio Return Channel, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master AudioTM.

HDMI Premium Certification Label

This label ensures the product was tested by an official HDMI Authorized Testing Center(ATC) through the HDMI 2.0 Premium certification program.

Trust the Cable with the Label

Products with the HDMI Label are officially tested to deliver HDMI 2.0 specs: 4kUHD @ 60hz, 18Gbps, HDR, Dolby Vision, HDR, RGB 4:4:4 Chroma, & HDCP 2.2. Many HDMI cables will fail when put to the task of delivering these specs. When buying the cable with the label, you can buy confidently knowing you can get the most out of your home theater setup.

Secure QR Code & Hologram

Each of our product packaging has its own verification label on it. The use of the QR code and hologram, each cable has its own unique code to ensure the authenticity of the product. Download the HDMI Premium Cable app to scan and verify.


  • Connects a standard HDMI device to an 4K TV/other standard HDMI device.
  • Backwards compatible with ALL previous HDMI standards.

Works with Devices with standard HDMI ports, like 4K UHD TV, HDTV, Blu-Ray player, PS4 Pro, PS4, PS3, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV 4K, Roku, Boxee, Computer, PC, Mac, stereo, monitor & projector.

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